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TFG Medical Aid Scheme

The Scheme’s contact information through the Administrator’s office is listed below:

Ambulance and other Emergency services

  • Call 0860 999 911

General queries

To send claims

  • Email us at; or
  • Drop off your claim in any blue Discovery Health claims box, or post it to PO Box 652509 Benmore 2010 or take a photo and submit your claim using the Discovery app which can be downloaded from the Apple iStore or Google Playstore.

Other services

  • If you would like to let us know about suspected fraud:
    • Please call our toll-free fraud hotline on 0800 004 500 (callers will remain anonymous) or
    • SMS 43477
  • and include the description of the alleged fraud.

To pre-authorise admission to Hospital

  • Phone us at 0860 123 077

Refunds and Claims

  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 652509, Benmore 2010
  • Oncology service centre: 0860 123 077
  • HIV Care Programme: 0860 123 077
  • Internet queries: 0860 100 696

Contact information for the TFG Employer office is set out below:

New membership registration

All other queries