Discovery 911

Ambulance and other medical emergency transport

You have access to Discovery911, the Scheme's Preferred Provider of a service with highly trained paramedics in response vehicles who will help you with all aspects of a medical emergency. You can call Discovery911 (0860 999 911) for assistance.

The following services are offered:

  • Unlimited 24 hour medical assistance (ambulatory services)
  • Transport by road or air, Discovery911 will determine the most appropriate mode of transfer
  • Inter-hospital transfers, subject to authorisation and the Scheme’s protocols
  • Escorted return of minors
  • 24-hour access to “Ask the doctor/nurse” health line
  • 24-hour crisis counselling service

You must authorise any medical emergency transport by calling Discovery911 or 0860 999 911. If you do not use Discovery911 we will pay up to 80% of the Scheme Rate subject to a sub-limit.

If you need medically equipped transport, for example an ambulance or helicopter for a medical emergency, we will cover the costs from your overall annual limit, whether you are admitted to hospital or not, as long as you called for authorisation.