General Practitioners (GP)

A general practitioner or GP is a medical practitioner who provides primary care and specialises in family medicine. A general practitioner treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care and health education. They have particular skills in treating people with multiple health issues.

On TFG Health Plus any General Practitioner who participates in the Discovery GP Network is the Designated Service Provider for all GP visits. There are more than 3 000 GPs in this ‘willing provider network’ and you will be able to see whether your GP is participating in this network, by following this link, or find out more by calling 0860 123 077.

If you use one of these providers, you will not be liable for any co-payments as claims would be paid at the Scheme Rate, directly to the Network provider. If applicable, the specific limits in your Primary Care Benefit will apply. If you do not use the services of a Network GP, your claim will be paid at 80% of the Scheme Rate out of hospital only and we will make the payment to you. You will have to settle the full account with the GP.

On TFG Health, you must select a primary and secondary GP from the KeyCare Network. If you see your chosen GP you will have unlimited consultations, but will need to call in for further authorisations from 16 visits and up.

If you are treated by a GP who is not one of your chosen GPs, these will accumulate to your 3 out of network visits and will only fund up to 100% of the scheme rate.

Each dependant is allowed to change their GP three times a year.