Planned Operations

If you and your doctor are planning an admission, you must confirm benefits (preauthorise) this care before you are admitted to hospital. To authorise your hospital admission, please phone us at 0860 123 077 at least 48-hours before you plan to go to the hospital. If you are admitted to hospital outside of business hours, please call us as soon as you can thereafter.

Before you go to hospital for any planned procedure, you must:

  • see your doctor who will decide if it is necessary for you to be admitted
  • make sure you know how the account from your admitting doctor will be covered
  • choose which hospital you want to be admitted to
  • find out how we cover other Healthcare Professionals, for example your anaesthetist

N.B. On TFG Health, if you are not admitted via casualty, your chosen GP must be both your admitting and treating doctor.

You must preauthorise at least 48 hours before your planned hospital admission, except in emergencies.

On TFG Health a 30% non-notification penalty fee will apply, if the member does not preauthorize their admission. Therefore, 70% of the hospital and related accounts will be covered and you will be responsible to pay the difference.

On TFG Health Plus a co-payment of R2 000 will be levied on the hospital account if preauthorisation is not obtained, except in an emergency.