HIVCare Programme for HIV or AIDS

We have a special HIVCare Programme and it is very important that you contact us before you have treatment for HIV or AIDS. Our HIVCare team respects your right to privacy and will deal with you in complete confidentiality.

The HIVCare team will only speak to you as the patient, or your treating doctor, about any HIV- related query.

You need to register on the HIVCare Programme to access these benefits. Call us on 0860 123 077, fax to 011 539 3151 or send an email to: to register. If your condition meets our requirements (benefit entry criteria) for cover, you will have cover for antiretroviral medicine. This includes supportive medicine and medicine for prevention of mother-to-child transmission, treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV-related (or AIDS-defining) infections that are on our HIV medicine list (formulary).

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